R_E_D stands for Research into Environment + Design. We are a ‘research consultancy’ made up of European practitioners and academics specialising in urban design, spatial planning and environmental engineering.

R_E_D works with forward-looking cities to improve their environmental performance and their resilience in the face of climate change.

R_E_D partners with architecture and urban design firms where required to deliver a full urban design service as well as its strategies and tools.

R_E_D offers expertise in:
1. MITIGATION: environmentally-led spa6al planning, engineering and urban design to:
• future-proof cities against climate change (flooding, overheating, drought etc.)
• enable cities to achieve circular patterns of consumption (wastes as new resources, presenting new economic opportunities)
2. ADAPTATION: design strategies for adapting the built environment to the effects of unpreventable climate change
3. RESILIENCE: strategies for affordable and socially acceptable change in the face of increasing climate and economic volatility.

R_E_D has worked on projects in London and Hull (UK), Wuppertal (Germany), Malmo and Gothenberg (Sweden) and Sao Paulo (Brazil), among others.